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Gyantse holidays, treks and expeditions in Tibet Himalayas


Gyantse boasts some very impressive architecture. The most important of them – the Kumbum Stupa, Phalkor Monastery and Gyantse Dzong – have been completed by 1440. Gyantse was an important trading centre and famous for its carpets, which were considered the finest in Tibet. The town’s historical importance declined from the end of the 15th century.

Gyantse is famous for the largest chorten in Tibet, the Kumbum Stupa: 35m high with a crown-like golden dome and containing countless Buddha images it is truly awe-inspiring and one of the most spectacular monuments in Tibet. It contains many chapels, filled with murals, and from the upper levels you have a magnificent view over the area. The Stupa is a very well preserved building and even the interior is largely intact and contains some of the oldest preserved murals in Tibet.

Gyantse Dzong

Just as interesting to visit is Gyantse Dzong, a 14th century fort that overlooks the entire Gyantse and the surrounding Nyang Chu Valley. Climb up there to enjoy breathtaking views of the whitewashed buildings of the town. Phalkor Monastery boasts fine paintings and statues. The Phalkhor holds a special meaning for Buddhism in Tibet because its unity of Gelugpa, Sakyapa & Bhuton sects.

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