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Rara lake holidays, treks and expeditions in Nepal Himalayas


Rara lake lies in western Nepal and is the centre of Rara National Park. With a circumference of nearly 13 km it is the largest lake in Nepal – within the smallest National Park of Nepal. It is well worth spending a day to walk around the lake. The lake is a clear, high-altitude lake, on its shores grow pine, spruce and juniper forests and in the backdrop the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas rise.

Rara Trek

A trek to Rara lake takes around 6 to 9 days. Being completely off the beaten track, this trekking route is perfect for anyone wanting to get away from the popular routes and looking for the solitude of wilderness. The cultures and sceneries to experience here are very different from the rest of Nepal. The area experiences freezing temperatures in winter, high passes are often closed due to snow. The best time to visit is therefore in autumn or spring.


In 1976 the area was designated a national park to protect the wilderness of the Humla-Jumla region. It is a remote and wild place like no other in Nepal. The two ruin villages of Rara and Chapra can be found on the northern shore of the lake and a few park warden’s houses, otherwise the area belongs to birds, flowers and wildlife. Some endangered species have found a home here, like the red panda, otters, leopards and Himalayan bears.