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Patan Durbar Square holidays and tours in Nepal


Patan, or Lalitpur as its Sanskrit name is, was once one of the kingdoms of Kathmandu Valley. The city has now nearly merged with Kathmandu. It is seperated from the capital only by the banks of Bagmati River. Its Durbar square is the grandest and most magnificent of the three; Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar Squares.

Patan Temples

A beautiful one hour walk will take you around the winding streets and courtyards of Patan, ending on Patan Durbar Square. On Durbar Square you can find the Royal Palace and a stunning amount of temples; Bhimsen Temple, Vishwanath Temple, Krishna Mandir, Jagannarayan Temple, Hari Shankar Temple, Krishna Temple, Bhai Dega Temple. It is said to be the best display of Newari architecture in all of Nepal. Not to miss is also Patan’s Museum, one of the finest in all of South Asia.


Outside of Durbar Square, many more beautiful sights can be found. One of them is the Golden Temple, with its guardian tortoises and young boys under the age of 12 acting as main priests – after a serving period of 30 days, the current young priest hands the job on to the next. Kumbeshwar temple with its imposing five stories, dominates the streets surrounding Durbar Square and is the oldest temple in Patan.