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Khaptad National Park

Experience unlimited adventure, enjoyment, romance, excitement, and an opportunity to explore your dreams at a magnificent park in Khaptad. Khaptad National Park is gorgeous. It’s one of Nepal’s main attractions because of the wild unspoilt natural beauty which is presented here in a grand natural park for outdoor lovers, and it’s off the beaten track!

Khaptad Baba

The Khaptad National Park is situated in the far western region of Nepal. The park is spread over four districts, Bajhang, Bajura, Doti, and Dipayal. The Khaptad National Park was established in 1984 on the advice of the region’s Holy man Khaptad Baba, who moved into the area in the 1940’s to meditate and worship. The renowned Khaptad Baba, Ashram is a religious site where Hindu pilgrims come to worship Shiva on the full moon of July to August each year. The park is 225 square km with the highest point at 3,212m.

The park is just amazing! There are over 224 types of medicinal herbs, plants and flora in the Khaptad National Park, which are Chir pine, hemlock, fir, oak, rhododendron, and much more. The park is a truly enjoyable holiday spot. Children can enjoy a variety of play activities in this large area. The park has about 567 kinds and eleven percent of flowering plants of Nepal. Here you can get a unique atmosphere and friendliness in this attractive national park Khaptad. It is a very popular park for locals and foreigners alike.

The Khaptad Trek

A non-touristic national park in Nepal that is visited by very few numbers of tourists makes for a wild trekking experience. Take a 10-day trek in an area that boasts spectacular views of Mt. Api, Mt. Saipal & Mt. Malika.

Khaptad Lake

The Khaptad Lake is a beautiful lake in Doti district of western Nepal and it is situated in the north eastern part of the Khaptad National Park. The lake height is about 3,050 m (10,010ft). Another opportunity you cannot miss is the bird watching! There are more than 270 types of birds you can see here include Flycatchers, cuckoos, Impheyan pheasant, partridges, Bulbuls, eagles and others. The Khaptad National Park gets a variety of wild animals such as wild dog, ghoral, barking deer, Himalayan black bear, rhesus monkey, yellow-throated marten, langur monkey, and many others. You can get relaxing environment and earn memorable experiences from here. The Khaptad National Park is a splendid outing place in Nepal.