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Kopan Monastery | Luxury Nepal Holidays and Tours | Himalayan Footsteps®

Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery in Nepal

Kopan Monastery is amazingly attractive full of authentic and welcoming feelings! Kopan Monastery in Nepal is offering all types of residential facilities for its visitors, students, and Himalayan Footsteps® retreat guests, in calm and comfortable accommodation. It has colourful prayer wheels, peaceful gardens, and an imposing Gompa. The guest-room blocks are situated in the garden area. You can explore the different levels of rooms which are available, such as a deluxe suite to the dormitory. A beautiful dining room awaits, and a modern kitchen supplies the food for meals.

Himalayan Footsteps® organise the most inspiring and wonderful luxury escorted tours in Nepal. If you would like to make a wonderful holiday to include Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, here are some of the attractions:

Kopan Monastery Retreat

The splendid Kopan Monastery accepts beginners and experienced practitioners both for a retreat. It also offers group retreats as part of its yearly course program and private retreat refers to a solitary time to concentrate on the practice. You can attend one of the group retreats or can do your own retreat. Experienced teachers lead these retreats. Kopan Monastery provides a very inspiring and blessed environment for experienced meditators who are looking for a peaceful retreat place. It supports particular retreats in the Tibetan tradition, such as a Lam Rim retreat, preliminary practices and Tantric retreats.

Kopan Monastery 10 Day Course

The Kopan Monastery 10 day course is held regularly throughout the year. All the courses follow a similar schedule every day such as morning meditation, teachings, group discussions, question time, evening meditation, and meal, etc. All the courses shine the light of loving kindness and surprisingly you will learn how to develop this attitude and bring it into your daily life. Other popular courses are Discover Buddhism, Daily Dharma Talks, and the FPMT Basic Program.

Kopan Monastery Cost

A true motto while doing the course is that people learn how to apply all the principles to their life making the teachings very meaningful. The excellent course also presents the different types of meditation that can be used to calm the mind. The 10-day course fee of USD 140 includes food, accommodation in dormitories, and course material. The Kopan Monastery’s cost is reasonable if you want to stay here. The prices are ranging from 7 – 20 US$ per day with three meals.

A Buddhist Place For Prayer & Reflection

The Kopan Monastery in Nepal has grown up. Lavishly decorated meditation halls, over three hundred and fifty monks with simple accommodation, hundreds of students, a library and many things that are more amazing. You also can discover here a large collection of farm animals saved from the slaughterhouse by the head Lama. When visiting the Kopan Monastery, you can see the ground centre on an awesome white Stupa and a Buddhist place for prayers and reflection. Wonderful things are waiting for you – magnificent gardens! All are extensive with graceful green lawns, eye-catching water fountains, and cheerful bougainvillaea.