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Kathmandu Airport

Kathmandu International Airport

The Kathmandu airport is the largest airport in Nepal and is situated in the capital city Kathmandu. The beautiful airport has two public terminals, one for domestic traffic and the other one an international terminal, the only one currently in Nepal which is about six kilometres from the city centre, nestled in the Kathmandu valley. A terminal for VIP guests is also available here.

Tribhuvan International Airport

Also known as Tribhuvan International Airport, after King Tribhuvan credited as the father of the nation after bringing democracy to the country. Kathmandu’s runway was originally a grass runway. In 1957, it was remade with concrete and has been extended several times. It has a single 10,007 feet (3,050m) concrete runway orientated 02/20. Tribhuvan International Airport landed its first jet aircraft in 1967 and from 1972 jet operations commenced regularly. There are a few some facilities outside the airport as well, such tea shops, taxi services, and bank ATMs for money withdrawal.

 Domestic Airport Terminal

Kathmandu airport has a new domestic terminal located in the exact spot as the previous domestic terminal. The modern building is friendly for the disabled and visitors can get many facilities. The previous terminal was used as an office space by over a dozen airlines, restrooms, restaurants, and now serves as a large departure terminal space.

The airport is suitable for physically disabled passengers with slopes and washing facilities for wheelchair users. If any travellers need assistance, they can contact the booking airline with their query. The airport provides a wide array of available services for long term and short-term terminal parking.

Shopping At Kathmandu Airport

Finally, at the airport you cannot miss your favourite thing – shopping. Before departure, you can get limited duty free shopping and visit cute souvenir stores and locally made products’ gift shops. Your travelling can be hassle free if transport facilities are so great! The International airport of Kathmandu also has a regular bus service to the city centre. Buses leave regularly from outside the terminal building for the greatest convenience of its visitors. With its spacious multiple terminals and a wide range of facilities, Kathmandu International Airport is truly a pleasant place to travel.