Bardia National Park
Royal Bardia National Park is the largest untouched wilderness in the Terai of Nepal. It consists of 968 sqkm sal forest and whispering grassland and a tranquil athmosphere, yet widely untouched by the hordes of tourists.

The park lies on the eastern banks of Karnali river and encompasses an area of 968 square kilometers. It is the largest wilderness area in the Terai, and an excellent habitat for many rare and endangered species. The lower parts of the park are grassland. In previous times this grassland covered much of the Gangetic plains, now the ones in Bardia are some of the last remaining patches. In the higher areas of Bardia you can find dry sal forests. The West of Bardia is bordered by the water-ways of Karnali river that form little islands that in spring are covered with scarlet flowers.

The open grasslands are a perfect spot to view the wildlife of Bardia. Some that you might get to see are small herds of wild elephants, Bengal tiger, One-horned rhino, leopards, grey langurs, rhesus macaques, several species of deer, gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles, Gangetic dolphin and a choice of more than 250 species of birds.