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Luxury West India Tours and Holidays | Himalayan Footsteps

West India

West India
To explore West India the best starting place is Mumbai in Maharastra. Explore the vibrant home of Bollywood with its abundant shopping streets that sell everything you could imagine. You can take a boat trip to the magnificent Elephanta Island with rock cut caves.


Goa is India’s beach capital. Here you will find some of the world’s finest beaches: long, sandy coastlines lined with palm trees and crystal clear waters. Stroll through the cities of Goa to explore the streets of Portuguese heritage, marvel at impressive churches and cathedrals and take in the carnival atmosphere. At the border to Karnataka you can find India’s highest waterfalls, Dudhsagar Waterfalls. The spectacular fall is a popular tourist attraction in tropical jungle surroundings.


Gujarat has a long and varied history, leaving interesting sites to visit. There are fine Jain temples and old residences, but the main attraction of Gujarat are the last Asian lions that can be found in the Gir Forest.