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Tamil Nadu holidays and tours in India

Tamil Nadu

Annapurna Region
The state is famous for its arts: Music and dance play a key role in the culture of South India. the complex classical music and dance originate from the Dravidian civilization. In the World Heritage village Mamallapuram, ancient rock carvings can be found. They are some of the finest in India and the town is still a famous centre for the art of stone carving.

Tamil Nadu‘s rich heritage is reflected in architecture and temples. In Madurai, you can find Meenakshi temple, one of the grandest Hindu temple complexes in the world.

It is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her consort Shiva. Like the other temples in Tamil Nadu, this complex is particularly famous for its towers. In Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry) you will find boulevards of French architecture and a distinct French culture on the typical Indian background.

From montane rainforests to long coastlines, mangroves and coral reefs Tamil Nadu is home to a great range of different biomes offering habitat for a very diverse wildlife. In pleasant hill stations and the many National Parks of Tamil Nadu you can relax, and stroll through thick forests on the search to spot some rare animals, including the endangered tiger, leopard, sloth bear and a great number of birds.