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Meghalaya holidays and tours in India


This climate creates a wonderful nature in the misty hills. Impressive waterfalls can be seen, and the water forced deep caves into the rocks, some of Asia’s longest caves. Because bridges from dead wood can’t withstand the humidity in Meghalaya locals are experts in building bridges from living roots and trees. These bridges are a major attraction of this state, and a truly magical sight.  Sacred groves in the East Khasi Hills are forests which have not been touched by human hand since ancient days, the virgin forests are a heaven for nature lovers.

Many geological features make Meghalaya a rewarding destination: Kyllang Rock in the West Khasi Hills disctrict is an impressive site: the massive, red granite rock rises to 1,646 metres above sea level. In Jakrem, hot springs invite visitors to take a healing bath. Long caves with magnificent stalagmites can be found in the East Khasi Hills district.

The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong, which has a nice colonial quarter around Ward’s Lake. Between the modern Indian buildings architectural gems and a picturesque cathedral can be found.  There are different ethnic groups in Meghalaya, all of them use a matrilineal system of inheritance. The local Khasi tribes are still nominally ruled by a traditional ruler. Lacking political power, they still have considerable force and control Shillong’s vast market.