Starting point of every Maharastra exploration is Mumbai – the pulsating, vibrant capital, a city that never sleeps. While being India’s most modern city on the surface, you can see that its heart is rooted deeply in Indian customs and values.

There are more than 350 forts in Maharastra, silent sentinels to a great history. They can be found everywhere, on islands and crowning mountain tops. One of the most popular attractions of Maharastra are the Elephanta Caves, on a green island off the shores of Mumbai. The caves are a temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, with intricate sculptures cut into the rock. On the numerous monuments, palaces and temples you can see intricate woodwork and elaborate wood carvings. Crafts have long been a much cherished and encouraged part of culture in Maharastra.

Maharastra is also truly blessed by nature. The Western Ghats, a chain of hills, run through the state from North to South. Here you can find charming hill stations, offering serenity and refreshment after the buzz of the cities. The forests and large number of wildlife sanctuaries offer fantastic opportunities to spot animals and take the pristine nature in.

Of the countless festival, a particularly interesting one is Ganesh Chaturthi, which is observed with great fervour in Mumbai. Between August and September the birthday of Lord Ganesha is celebrated, and sculptures of the Elephant God can be found everywhere.

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