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Jammu and Kashmir holidays, treks and tours in India Himalayas

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir; Northeastern Ladakh is protected by its natural borders of walls of rock and ice – the Karakoram and Great Himalaya ranges – and almost untouched by the conflicts in the other regions. Here you can find the most rugged landscapes, India’s very own little Tibet. The world’s highest road of mountain passes runs through Ladakh and is a popular destination for Jeep safaris.

Leh is the medieval capital of Ladakh and well worth a visit. The geographical isolation preserved a very traditional life in Ladakh, dictated by the change of season. From November to May the region is almost completely cut off from the outside world. This is the time for many local festivals and celebrations. The biggest monastic festival in Leh, however, falls into June/July at Hemis Gompa.

Kashmir boasts a rich fauna and thick forests teeming with wildlife like leopards, wolves and bears. It lies in a valley, bordered by the Himalayan ranges. Kashmir’s capital is the city of Srinagar, founded by Ashoka the Emperor. Its medieval charm and bustling bazaars enchant travellers and make it a popular destination. Come to Kashmir in April, to experience the Tulip Festival in India’s largest tulip garden. The many forts and temples in Jammu, mosques in Kashmir and Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh make Jammu & Kashmir worth a visit for anyone interested in heritage.