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Himachal Pradesh | Luxury India Holidays and Tours | Himalayan Footsteps®

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh In India

The Himachal Pradesh in India is a mountainous state crisscrossed by Himalayan rivers, which is famous for the world’s largest and highest mountain range in the world. A great choice for mountain lovers around the world. The Himachal Pradesh is one of the top tourist destinations of India. It is mostly known for its temples, hill stations and the natural environment. Located in the northwestern area of the Himalayas, south of Jammu and Kashmir to the north.

Himachal Pradesh Map

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You can discover the Himachal Pradesh with a variety of amazing and attractive sides such as religious places, museums, royal palaces, monasteries, colonial mansions, cricket ground, and many other things. Holidays here are best during the spring season that covers from February to April. Of course, if you would like to enjoy the snow and ice skating, then come in winter

The Fruit Bowl Of India

Himachal is famous with another name – the fruit bowl of India since it has huge plantations! This place specialises horticulture and due to its temperate type of climate, you find lots of tropical fruits growing. The production of apples is the highest in the state and it forms 88% of overall fruit production. Other kinds of fruit grown in the include pear, apricot, almond, citrus, raisins, apple, peach plum, walnut, grapes, and mango.

Himachal Pradesh Tourism

If you are looking for an easily accessible hill state, the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation makes the location very attractive for tourists. There are hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and many others things available for travellers. The Himachal Pradesh is a truly unforgettable holiday place, which never returns its visitors empty handed!