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Assam holidays and tours in India


Assam boasts national parks with a wide range of wildlife and is famous for delicious food and tea. The best time to travel is in autumn, when the rice fields are in gold and green and a mesmerising view. Assam straddles the Brahmaputra valley and is made up of incredibly fertile land. You will find seemingly endless, manicured tea estates and rice fields with patches of bamboo and palm groves.

Places of interest in Assam are many: Kaziranga National Park with the world’s largest populations of Indian One-horned rhinos and Indian elephants, and Manas National Park have been listed World Heritage sites. There is also a wide range of temples and monuments to visit, such as Umanda temple on Peakcock island, or Poa-Mecca, which is believed to have one fourth of the sanctity of Mecca and draws a large number of pilgrims.

The island Majuli, situated in the mighty Brahmaputra, is the largest river island in the world and centre of the Vaishnavite faith. Don’t miss a visit to some of the many monasteries and satras! People in Assam mostly follow the Vaishnavite faith, a sect of Hinduism.

The culture of Assam is proudly distinct to the rest of India. Assamese culture is rich and exotic, and there are a large number of unique tribes living in the state. The most important festival is Bihu, which is celebrated in three parts in January, April and October throughout all casts and creeds in Assam.