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Arunachal Pradesh holidays and tours in India

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh
There are many excellent trekking routes and posibilities for adventure sports, for the perfect active holiday. Additionally, not many tourists find their way into the remote region, which makes it a perfect spot for explorers who want to travel off the beaten track.

Arunachal Pradesh‘s beautiful forested ridges in the South rise to snow capped peaks in the North of the state. A multitude of different tribes live in the deep valleys, with picturesque bamboo settlements and idyllic lifestyles. In Tawang Valley you can find several beautiful Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries and surrounding villages.

One famous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh are the Apanti. To save their beautiful women from being kidnapped from neighbouring tribes the received face tattoos and nose plugs, to deliberately deface them. Today the tribes hold peace and this is not practiced anymore – many women in their 50s and older can still be seen wearing their nose plugs.