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Destinations Archive - Himalayan Footsteps




Welcome to a green paradise! A country with the world’s longest sea beach, fanciful natural beauty, a variety of charming flowers, birds, trees, forests…

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Bhutan is the land of Thunder Dragon, legendary temples, and hundreds of spices and flavours. This splendid destination evokes green valleys, snow capped…

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A vast territory, a long history, and full of unlimited unknown things - welcome to China. One of the most visited tourist destinations in…

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A multicoloured, challenging, and surprising country. Welcome to everybody for breathtaking luxury escorted tours in India. A stunning and...

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Mount Everest

Mount Everest is an absolute natural wonder and the highest peak in the world, as measured by the height of its summit above sea level. The mountain...

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The Golden Land, Myanmar has some of the greatest tourist attractions, historical sites, temples, and pagodas. This is the most fabulous country in…

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Welcome to a well-liked destination – full of adventure, the home of the world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest, and the land of a thousand…

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Sri Lanka-DF_image

Sri Lanka

Lush green tea gardens, sandy beaches, stirring mountains, and romantic landscapes, this is the phenomenal country of Sri Lanka. Famous for…

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The Himalayas

The Himalayas are a spiritual land that embody both Hinduism and Buddhism and represent the might and beauty that nature can give. Unforgettable…

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Tibet is a uniquely spiritual place and holds the imagination of Shangri-la for many westerners for centuries. You cannot find an intoxicating blend of…

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Where Are The Himalayas-DF_image

Where are the Himalayas?

So where are The Himalayas, the great mountain range of Asia? They sprawl east to west from Afghanistan through Pakistan to India into Nepal…

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