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Crisis Management Training with Colin McGregor - Himalayan Footsteps

Yesterday we had our annual Crisis Management, Health and Safety Training with Colin McGregor from tranquilico.com at our Himalayan Footsteps office. Of course every tour operator hopes to never have to deal with crises, but when they come it is all up to how the emergency is handled. We want to always take the best possible care of our customers, so we work closely together with the experts from tranquilico.com to be prepared.

We started with watching a video of different incidents that could affect tour operators – most of them beyond their control, like natural disasters, accidents or cases of illness. Whatever it is that could spoil a traveller’s holiday, the way the tour operator handles the situation greatly influences how the travellers will feel about it. It is important to not leave them alone in an emergency, to ensure they are getting the best care and have trustworthy contacts they can speak to 24 hours a day.

We spent the afternoon discussing different scenarios and how to deal with them. What do we do if a customer loses his passport? What, if someone falls ill or suffers a serious accident? Do we know whom to contact and have all up to date emergency numbers of specialists and support? How will we react if an incident is possible to affect one of our customers in the future?

After going through the intense training with Colin, we still hope our customers will not experience any incidences during their holidays, but we feel confident to handle any upcoming ones in the best possible way.