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Cooking Oil to Fuel KLM Flights - Himalayan Footsteps

From September on, the Dutch airline KLM plans to begin flights between Paris and Amsterdam using a fuel made from used cooking oil. This is intended to help reduce the airline’s carbon emissions and to minimize negative impacts on the environment. To use this biokerosene no changes have to be made to the aircraft engines, it meets the same technical specifications as regular fuel. The flights will use a mix of 50% each biofuel and traditional kerosene.

The cooking oil supplies are sourced from hotels, restaurants and factories, but have to be shipped to the US for refining before being used as biofuels. Currently KLM has enough to power 200 flights from Amsterdam to Paris.

Due to European Union regulations airlines will have to cut their carbon emissions by 3%  in 2012. This limit was designed to encourage airlines to switch to cleaner fuels, lighter aircrafts and more efficient flight patterns. So far demonstration flights using mixes of biofuel and regular fuel have been carried out successfully, so the airline expects to be granted authorisation for the flights soon.