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Best time to travel Nepal Himalayan Footsteps

Best Time To Visit Nepal

When is the best time to go to Nepal? The best time to visit Nepal may well depend on what your plans are, whether you’ll go to Chitwan National Park, Kathmandu or Annapurna Base Camp. Nepal is a country of extremes. The lowland plains of the Terai can have tropical temperatures and mosquitoes. The Himalayas can […]

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Plug Adapters and Electricity Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Plug Adapters and Electricity

Which Plug Do I Need For My Destination? It’s important to know about plug adapters and electricity when it comes to packing for your trip. In many destinations, you’ll find common plug types such as European (type C) and American (type B), but this isn’t always the case in some popular Himalayan Footsteps® destinations including […]

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How to Give Gifts in a Developing Country Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

How to Give Gifts in a Developing Country

When travelling to developing countries many people want to give gifts but which is best? Not everything you give is suitable and some things can be harmful or even offensive to local customs, traditions and religions. Living circumstances in many developing countries are very different from your own, so often it’s the simple things will bring the […]

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Holiday Extras Make Travel Easy Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Holiday Extras Make Travel Easy

So Much To Do And So Little Time It’s the dreaded stress-frenzy experience all travellers, first timers or seasoned veterans, know and dread. And nowhere does it plague travellers more than when their departure date is fast approaching. You’ve already easily booked your personalised Himalayan Footsteps® holiday in the Himalayas or Asia, but many of us don’t […]

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How To Prepare For Trekking In Nepal Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

How To Prepare For Trekking In Nepal

Trekking Is Hard Work Treks can vary enormously in terms of daily distances, ascent, descent and altitude, but all require specific preparation to ensure you get the maximum from your trekking trip. Without at least a little pre-trip preparation, training, or a basic level of fitness, trekking is hard work. Preparation starts before you even travel for […]

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Quick Guide The Monkey Temple Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Quick Guide: The Monkey Temple

UNESCO World Heritage Site The “Monkey Temple” is a Buddhist Stupa also known as Swayambhunath or just Swayambhu. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the top of a hill in Kathmandu, Nepal, surrounded by hundreds of Rhesus Macaque monkeys. Legend has it that the monkeys were formed from the head lice of the Manjusree […]

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Standards of Holiday Accommodation Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Standards Of Holiday Accommodation

Choosing Your Level Of Accommodation Himalayan Footsteps® listen, advise and create travel proposals using our personalised travel planning system which means we offer a range in standards of holiday accommodation in our destinations. All of our accommodation is hand-picked unless otherwise requested, and is locally owned with local character, good service and charm. We understand that where […]

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Flights and Airlines Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Flights and Airlines

Can I Book My Own Flights? Yes, Himalayan Footsteps® are very happy for you to book your own flights. There are some great online prices nowadays, we just ask that you check with us before making the final booking to ensure your flight connects with any internal travel we are organising for you. Competitive Prices Himalayan […]

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Tipping and Currency Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Tipping and Currency

Tipping, Not A City In China Himalayan Footsteps® get a lot of questions about tipping, we hope this guide helps you know before you go and navigate the etiquette of tipping. Tip What You Can Afford Take a look at your itinerary and identify the times when you might need to tip and budget enough […]

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