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Paul Chats About Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Paul Chats About His Meditation Retreat In Nepal

A Customer Chat Our guest Paul travelled to Nepal with Himalayan Footsteps® just six weeks after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The country was just getting back to some sort of ordinariness, we knew that all the services and facilities normally available were usable for Paul and we salute him for making his trip at that time. […]

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Ross Donald, Scout Leader, Recommends Us

Ross Donald, primary school teacher and Scout leader. @rossdonald84 Fairmilehead Scout Group (114th Braid District) Scout.org Helped with logistics You’ll have heard a lot of noise, or see a lot of pictures, from our expedition to Nepal. We were fortunate enough to be supported by a great wee travel company called Himalayan Footsteps. They helped […]

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Stephen Lloyd MP letter of support Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Stephen Lloyd MP, Letter of Support

Well wisher Stephen Lloyd, Member of Parliament in our hometown of Eastbourne, wrote to Himalayan Footsteps® Managing Director Oliver Margry to offer his support. He says, “I wanted to write to wish you well on your trip to Nepal with the Scottish Explorer Scouts. I was interested to read how you have been helping the boys and girls […]

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That Virgin Complaint Letter Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

That Virgin Complaint Letter

Is this possibly the best complaint letter in the world? Do you remember how funny it is? But all fun aside, Richard Branson handled this travel complaint brilliantly, he took it seriously, acted quickly, apologised, and offered the customer the chance to influence real change, in this case, sit on the tasting panel for the […]

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