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Best time to travel Nepal Himalayan Footsteps

Best Time To Visit Nepal

When is the best time to go to Nepal? The best time to visit Nepal may well depend on what your plans are, whether you’ll go to Chitwan National Park, Kathmandu or Annapurna Base Camp. Nepal is a country of extremes. The lowland plains of the Terai can have tropical temperatures and mosquitoes. The Himalayas can […]

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Most romantic places for Valentine's in Nepal Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Most Romantic Places For Valentine’s Day in Nepal

Certain To Get You In The Mood For Love These are the moments that inspire us to fall in love, not just with the surroundings but with the person who’s beside us. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we searched Nepal to find the most romantic places. Whether you’ve visited these spots, you plan to go, […]

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Hornbill festival Nagaland Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

The Hornbill Festival In Nagaland

Spirit of Unity Nagaland is a mountainous state in northeast India, bordering Myanmar, known as a land of festivals, with each of the many tribes celebrating numerous festivals throughout the year. Every year for 10 days, 1st – 10th December, Nagaland celebrates a very special festival the Hornbill festival, named in reverence to the bird […]

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Bhutan A Film By Clemens Purner Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Bhutan: A Film By Clemens Purner

Wonderfully Shot Video Of Bhutan Check out this beautiful video! Superbly edited and makes us desperately want to get on a plane right now and go to Bhutan. Himalayan Footsteps® design the most inspiriting luxury escorted tours in Bhutan, watch this great video to see why it’s a must visit destination. “How is it?” “It’s hard […]

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20 Photos Nepal Returns to Normal Blog FI

20 Photos: Nepal Returns To Normal

Life in Nepal returns to normal Just seven weeks after the Nepal earthquake in 2015, life in the worst affected area, Kathmandu, returns to normal; schools are open, public transport is running, shops and services are available again. Even Himalayan Footsteps customers are returning, watch Paul chatting to us. Hotels are also open and all tourism related […]

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Quick Guide The Monkey Temple Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Quick Guide: The Monkey Temple

UNESCO World Heritage Site The “Monkey Temple” is a Buddhist Stupa also known as Swayambhunath or just Swayambhu. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the top of a hill in Kathmandu, Nepal, surrounded by hundreds of Rhesus Macaque monkeys. Legend has it that the monkeys were formed from the head lice of the Manjusree […]

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Rural Olympics In India Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Rural Olympics In India

A Farmers Meet Started in 1933 as an annual recreational meet where farmers from areas surrounding the small town of Kila Raipur could get together and test their endurance. The idea gave birth to the Kila Raipur Sports Festival, popularly known as the Rural Olympics in India. Every February for three days participants from all […]

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Facts: Nepal After The Earthquake

Nepal earthquake On 25 April, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck central Nepal. On 12 May, another earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.3 struck eastern Nepal followed minutes later by a major aftershock of 6.3 and around one hundred minor aftershocks have occurred. Not since 15 January 1934 has Nepal been so badly affected by an earthquake. Thank you […]

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Quick Guide Famous Museums of Jaipur Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Quick Guide: Famous Museums of Jaipur

Museums Of The Pink City As well as the forts and palaces of the Pink City, the famous museums of Jaipur are one of the great visitor attractions. These museums have a number of displays that have been handed down through generations and are of immense historical value even today. The many pieces of art […]

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