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David Beckham Visits Nepal Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

David Beckham Visits Nepal

After a tough year for the Nepalese people, through earthquakes and fuel shortages, a visit from David Beckham thrilled a nation. His visit has made headline news and hopefully raised awareness of Nepal to the world that it is ready to welcome visitors. Nepal really depends on tourism, travelling to Nepal will be one of the biggest contributions you […]

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10 things not to pack for your holiday Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

10 Things Not To Pack For Your Holiday

You Don’t Really Need These, Do You? Here’s a handy list of 10 things not to pack for your holiday provided by our partners Holiday Extras, the UK market leader for travel add-ons. Himalayan Footsteps® organise personalised escorted tours to the most attractive tourist spots in the Himalayas and Asia, we offer services to organise […]

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Holiday Extras Make Travel Easy Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Holiday Extras Make Travel Easy

So Much To Do And So Little Time It’s the dreaded stress-frenzy experience all travellers, first timers or seasoned veterans, know and dread. And nowhere does it plague travellers more than when their departure date is fast approaching. You’ve already easily booked your personalised Himalayan Footsteps® holiday in the Himalayas or Asia, but many of us don’t […]

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20 Photos Nepal Returns to Normal Blog FI

20 Photos: Nepal Returns To Normal

Life in Nepal returns to normal Just seven weeks after the Nepal earthquake in 2015, life in the worst affected area, Kathmandu, returns to normal; schools are open, public transport is running, shops and services are available again. Even Himalayan Footsteps customers are returning, watch Paul chatting to us. Hotels are also open and all tourism related […]

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Press Statement Nepal Earthquake Kathmandu Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

Press Statement: Nepal Earthquake, Kathmandu, Nepal

Saturday, 25 April 2015, 12:48 UK Time Further to our social media posts throughout this morning. We have been advised of no fatalities or injuries to any of our customers. They have been advised to stay at their hotels. In particular, our thoughts will be with the family and friends of those deceased and injured by the earthquake […]

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Scouts Leave Their Table Manners At Home

Fifty Scottish Explorer Scouts are gearing up for the volunteering trip of a lifetime to Nepal by getting to grips with some of the local customs – including forgetting everything they knew about traditional British table manners. The intrepid Edinburgh troupe from South Morningside are being urged to ditch the cutlery and, instead, learn to eat with their […]

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Training Weekend With SMESU

Training Weekend With SMESU

We have worked closely with the leadership team for over a year and struck up a remarkable friendship, this weekend was the first time meeting the scouts of SMESU, young people aged 14-18, and we were looking very much forward to our Nepal Expedition Training Weekend with SMESU. One chilly morning Isha and I flew from London Gatwick […]

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The Yak Attack Mountain Bike Stage

The highest mountain bike race on Earth The Yak Attack, which started out years ago as a low key stage race with just a handful of competitors, has today grown into a worldwide brand associated with some of the most adventurous and arduous mountain bike stage races on the planet. The original Yak Attack, Nepal, […]

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A Guide to Fundraising Your Trip Himalayan Footsteps Blog FI

A Guide To Fundraising Your Trip

Don’t Worry Have you booked your Himalayan Footsteps® holiday? or are you travel-hungry and now wondering how to afford it? Don’t worry, here we have a guide to fundraising your trip. There are a lot of different ways to raise money, get creative! It doesn’t have to be complicated. Set A Deadline Start by setting yourself […]

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