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Bhutanese Film in Cannes - Himalayan Footsteps

A Bhutanese film has made it into the Short Film Corner of Cannes Film Festival! It is the first time a Bhutanese short film can be seen at an international film festival. “The Container” is a Bhutanese-Australian co-production and based on a true story.

It is set in Bhutan in the 1980s and revolves around a mother and her child. The mother walks for serveral days to get medication for her seriously ill child at a remote community. As she finally arrives there, she learns that medicine is provided for free by the government – but a container to carry it in is not. She does not carry a bottle with her and can’t afford buying one, so her search begins.

At one point, the mother even tries to sell her antique jewellery for an empty bottle. The movie portraits the emotions and worries of a parent about the safety of her child. The container is a symbol for protection from the uncertainties of life, that sometimes is affected in a big way by very simple things.

The film was shot in Gaselo village, Wangduephodrang by Sonam Loday. Acting as the mother is Deki Yangzom, known from Travellers and Magicians.