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Bhutan: Record tourist numbers in 2010 - Himalayan Footsteps

The Bhutan Observer reports that 2010 has been a good year for Bhutanese tourism: The target was to bring in 35,000 tourists, and it was far exceeded. 40,873 tourists visited Bhutan in 2010! For the country this is a record number. For us this shows that Bhutan is still a very exclusive and untouched destination!

Of the nearly 50,000 visitors 28,463 were international tourists, mainly those coming to the country for leisure purposes.

The high numbers demonstrate an impact of tourism initiatives: marketing, promotion and enhancement of services. To further encourage the arrival of tourists in the country, tourist processes have been simplified through online visa processing, waiver of special permits for certain heritage sites, online ticket booking and the launch of credit card facilities in the country.

Merak, Sakteng and Manas were opened for tourists to further spread the benefits of tourism.

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