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Beginners’ Guide to the Himalayas Pt. V - Himalayan Footsteps


Trekking tips

Be realistic, start low

Beginners should not exceed around 3,700m on their first trek. Start walking at an altitude of less than 1,500m with a gradual ascent throughout the trek.

Avoid camping

We advise that beginners do not camp on their first trek. Instead stay in one of the many teahouses (lodges).

Purify Your Water

Start with boiled water in the mornings and purify mountain water as you go along. Always use iodine, not chlorine. Iodine has a slightly unpleasant taste; top tip. Add a soluble orange vitamin C tablet to disguise the taste.

Feed up

A wholesome, nutritious diet is essential part of the trekking. Rice, chapatti, pulses and seasonal vegetables are the best choice. Carry high energy foods e.g. dried fruits, chocolates, sweets, soup packets, biscuits, butter, cheese, noodles.

Drink plenty of fluids

Trekking for long periods poses many distractions, and its easy to forget to drink water. Get into a routine of sipping every 15 minutes or so.

Look forward to our information on Altitude Sickness, which will be online in two weeks!