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Become a Green Hiker! - Himalayan Footsteps

Due to their breathtaking beauty, the Himalayas attract millions of travellers every year. Not all of them are leaving them as beautiful and pristine as they found them. To protect these vulnerable ecosystems, WWF India has launched the Green Hiker Campaign.

The Green Hiker Campaign is WWF’s initiative to encourage tourists and tour operators in the Himalayan region to opt for sustainable and responsible tourism. Covering almost the entire Himalayan region, WWF aims at reducing the baggage of tourism while inviting tourists to enjoy the Himalayas in its pristine form.

Join the campaign and become a Green Hiker: It’s all down to how you choose to act on your travel! Don’t leave litter behind, don’t disturb the serene environments by noise and loud music, don’t leave traces. Watch this nice promotional video for the Green Hiker Campaign .