Meet Apsara and Samita

The latest additions to our Himalayan Footsteps team, Apsara Rana, on the left, and Samita Shrestha, on the right.

They are now Operations Assistants based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Apsara and Samita Join The Team at Himalayan Footsteps in post image

Passed Probation

They have passed their probationary period with flying colours and now they start full-time. They have successfully dealt with suppliers, organised transport, transfers, hotel reservations, ticketing and permitting.

Our customers have praised them as friendly and hard working individuals, we thank them for all their great work so far. Welcome to the team!

Apsara and Samita Join The Team at Himalayan Footsteps in post image

As friends before working for Himalayan Footsteps, we couldn’t be happier to be able to give them both jobs working together.

This is Apsara’s first job in the travel industry, she joins us from with a background in hospitality. Her last jobs were working as Front Desk Officer at Hotel Holy Lodge and Customer Service Assistant at Hotel Heritage, two of Nepal’s busiest hotels.

Samita has experience working for local trekking companies in roles from Customer Advisor to Trekking Guide.

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Apsara and Samita would love to hear from you, what would you like to say? Would you like to ask them about their job? Leave your message in the comments box.

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