The Himalayas are source of many of Asia’s largest rivers, as well as innumerable smaller streams – the perfect place to seek a rafting adventure!

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Nepal offers some of the best white water rafting possibilities in the world! The mountainous terrain offers calm waters and exhilarating rapids leading through the ever-changing landscape.

Follow us to the beautiful Seti River, some hours drive from Kathmandu. It passes through lush jungles, green hills and enchanting valleys. For bird-watchers and other nature lovers this is the perfect destination. The river is suitable for beginners most months of the year, being gentle with many straightforward rapids. During monsoon the rapids become more difficult and attract experienced rafters.

Do you know? We only create tailor-made South Asia holidays along with trekking & climbing the Himalayas, and this we understand isn't necessarily the best choice for everyone's holiday. Still, if you feel we are the best option for you we're ready to help with your travel plans.