How about taking off to new heights on your next holiday? In the Himalayas you can find the highest peaks on Earth

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In the Himalayas you can find the highest peaks on Earth – but you don’t have to do a strenuous climb to get good views. You can just soar through the air, taken up by the light breeze on your paragliding adventure.

Nepal boasts some of the best paragliding possibilities in the world in the beautiful Annapurna region: In Pokhara tourists can soar through the sunshine and experience one of the most stunning landscapes on Earth from a new angle: mysterious monasteries, turqoise lakes, raging rivers, exotic jungles and forgotten villages dot the landscape! The best season for paragliding in Nepal is November to February.

In Bhutan paragliding is offered in one of the last completely unspoilt landscapes in the world. Majestic eagles will be your companions in the air, below you a land rich in ancient legends – let your imagination wander! Paragliding season here is in September.

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