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Our Team | Specialists in The Himalayas & Asia | Himalayan Footsteps®

Our Team

Thank you for visiting us, we’re very grateful you’ve chosen to look at Himalayan Footsteps®, a family run business, specialising in The Himalayas & Asia with family ties in Nepal.

Dil Maya Gurung, Managing Director

Vishal Bhatnagar, Operations Manager

I am based in New Delhi, I’ve been with Himalayan Footsteps® since 2009. I am responsible for operations all over India. My hobbies include cricket, I’m an accomplished batsman who can hold my own against international players.

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Our purpose is to improve lives of generations to come in the countries we serve. By taking less, we can do more.  A share of our profit from every holiday funds good works in Nepal - we've saved lives with medical care, renovated schools, purchased land and by way of more holidays we aspire to solve the long-term issues.