Ethical Travel

Part of our mission is to give back. The future of our destinations rests with us and others like us. We sustain our local communities by employing locally, paying fairly and supporting charities. Every business decision has the power to affect communities and the environment in our destinations. Managed properly, tourism brings positive benefits socially, economically and environmentally.

The region we operate is a natural place for luxury holidays and adventure travel. It possesses diverse and spectacular natural beauty that begs to be explored; wildlife close-at-hand friendly, local communities that stretch from busy cities to rural villages. Our passion is to bring this to you with our only caveat;

be respectful, be sustainable, be ethical.

We naturally do small things like being mindful of the villages on trek routes, serve locally sourced and seasonal food, in fact, we only use local resources of any kind. Also, we have environmental and ethical policies, make continual environmental improvements and practice carbon balancing. We work closely and support local charities either directly or by including them in our operation.

But we’re also proud of the larger contribution we make to the local communities. Our team on the ground is made up of local individuals and include our city and trekking guides. Every team member is experienced, fully trained and paid fairly. In response, our team are loyal and hard working, they have your welfare and your needs as their top priority.

PATA Member 8435 Himalayan Footsteps-Partners

To be special, you need to specialise

We are a specialist in this part of the world; our team is made up of both UK and Nepali people who have genuine knowledge and experience of all the places, trips and activities we provide.
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