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About Himalayan Footsteps® | Holidays to Nepal, Himalayas & Asia

Hello. Namaste!

Thank you for choosing to visit Himalayan Footsteps®.

We’re travel specialists offering a wide range of ethical adventure holidays and brilliant memories in a variety of destinations surroundings the Himalayas.

Our team of experienced experts take the seemingly Himalayan task of long-haul travel and make it easy for you to create holidays based on your needs and budget, making sure we answer that vital question;

“What is it that you want from your holiday?”

For some it’s relaxation, for others adventure. Some people want to be up close to nature and wildlife, others wish to immerse in the culture and history. Often though, it is a combination.

  • All of your requests are dealt with by your own Himalayan specialist who will take care of all your travel arrangements.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, you are met by handpicked local guides and hosts, the hotels and accommodation that we recommend are individually inspected on a regular basis as are the unique experiences that we add to your holiday with our authentic local knowledge.

Benefit from knowing that our travel company is a way through which we try to improve the lives of generations to come in the countries we serve, such as Nepal inflicted by earthquakes and flooding. The focus of how we operate is simply by giving a portion of our profits to the people on the ground in Nepal tackling the long-term issues.

So far, as an outcome of providing travel services, we have developed schools, acquired land for local projects and provided medical care but there’s more to do and that is why we have the vision to set up the Himalayan Footsteps Charitable Foundation.


Our purpose is to improve lives of generations to come in the countries we serve. By taking less, we can do more.  A share of our profit from every holiday funds good works in Nepal - we've saved lives with medical care, renovated schools, purchased land and by way of more holidays we aspire to solve the long-term issues.