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A Guide To Fundraising Your Trip | Luxury Asia Holidays and Tours | Himalayan Footsteps®

Don’t Worry

Have you booked your Himalayan Footsteps® holiday? or are you travel-hungry and now wondering how to afford it? Don’t worry, here we have a guide to fundraising your trip. There are a lot of different ways to raise money, get creative! It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Set A Deadline

Start by setting yourself a deadline: By when will you need to have raised what amount of money? Plan backwards from that deadline to schedule your activities.

Little & Often

It is quite risky relying on the success of one large event. Better try to raise money in different ways in small amounts.

Creative Fundraising Ideas

Be creative! The following ideas are just general directions into which you could go. Use your talents – or sometimes rather the lack of them! – to collect as much money as possible. People are more likely to spend money on a unique idea or a laugh because someone is embarrassing himself.

*Small Jobs

Start taking on small jobs: Packing bags at the supermarket, babysitting, dog walking, distributing leaflets, helping someone in the garden or house. Many people need someone to help them moving house, painting a shed, doing their groceries or lawn mowing. Tell the people you meet during those jobs about your plans and they will be happy to spare some change to help you.

*Small Events

Organise small events: A quiz night, talent auction, themed evening with a talk about your project, pot luck dinner or highland games are all good ideas to collect some money.


Organize a raffle, lottery, or guessing game (e.g. the amount of money in a jar full of coins). These things are always a good idea to raise money, as every person only pays a small amount of money to participate with the chance to win something – an easy way to persuade people to part with their money!

*Business Sponsorship

Ask local businesses for sponsorship for wearing their shirt or other advertisement.

*Car Boot Sale

Who hasn’t got all those mountains of books, clothes, unwanted gifts and other things that are just catching dust? Give them to a proper use and sell them at a car boot sale. You can ask friends and families for more items to flog, they will be happy to give them to you so they don’t have to bother with getting rid of them.

*A Swear Jar

Introduce a swear box to your family/friends/workplace. Everytime someone swears they donate a small amount of money contributing to your project.

*Sponsored Activities

Participate in sponsored activities or sports events, such as marathons. Ask businesses to sponsor you for your project.

We’re probably leaving out some ideas. What other tips can you provide about fundraising? Comment below.