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10 Things Not To Pack For Your Holiday | Luxury Asia Holidays and Tours | Himalayan Footsteps®

You Don’t Really Need These, Do You?

Here’s a handy list of 10 things not to pack for your holiday provided by our partners Holiday Extras, the UK market leader for travel add-ons.

Himalayan Footsteps® organise personalised escorted tours to the most attractive tourist spots in the Himalayas and Asia, we offer services to organise your little travel extras Travel Insurance, Visa Acceptance, International Flights, Carbon Offsetting, and Airport Lounges.

 List Of What Not To Pack

  1. A hairdryer
  2. All of your shoes
  3. Work stuff
  4. Posh jewelry
  5. Big bulky camera stuff
  6. Entire skin care range from Boots
  7. Home comforts
  8. A tonne of heavy guide books
  9. An iron
  10. Winter coats to somewhere hot

What do you think about the list? Would you add anything else? We’d love to hear from you, please comment below.