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adj. Himalayan Hi·ma·la·yan

(figuratively) huge, gigantic, enormously large

noun Footsteps foot·steps

the route a person has taken in order to reach a place or to achieve something

We specialise in creating routes to places brimming with unforgettable experiences. Our genuine experts take the seemingly gigantic task of long-haul travel and make it easy. We design trips around the needs, interests and budgets of individuals, couples, families, small groups, school groups, and Scout groups with an absolute commitment to providing brilliant memories.

Kopan Meditation Retreat

The most popular trip is the Kopan Meditation Retreat, so many travellers are enjoying the benefits of meditation with monks in a Buddhist monastery, they say it’s “life-changing”, “enlightening”, “a total surprise”.

This trip is 16 days including privately guided tours of UNESCO heritage sites and 10 days in retreat. You can get all of this from only £655.

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Tailor-made holidays

We offer a wide range of unique, tailor-made holidays and privately guided adventures to inspire and challenge including Trekking, Adventure Holidays, Safaris, Honeymoons, Village Homestays, Tours, Mountain Biking, White Water Rafting, Meditation & Yoga Retreats, Volunteering and more.

All the best ways to explore the great outdoors, people and cultures.

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Beverley Blackham | Shefford, UK

Nepal “Very sad to be leaving Nepal, we have had a wonderful experience on our Everest Base Camp Trek and have witnessed stunning views at every point of our trip except at Nagargot…


Jeanette Fleming | Keighley, UK

Nepal “The whole Cookery Holiday experience and variety of activities were catered for, friendly, with care and consideration.  I loved the cooking course, scenery, sights, history, art, people, food.


Sirin Sevinc | London, UK

Nepal “It was very well organised! everything was on time and the staff was amazing! very helpful and friendly and always kept me company. The thing I liked the most about this trip was, ….


Paul & Sandra Cheney | Cynwyl Elfed, UK

Nepal & Darjeeling “It was fantastic. A trip of  a lifetime to meet wonderful people in a fascinating country. Your staff and their service was first class, your company is…


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