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Himalayan Footsteps® | Adventure holidays to Nepal, Himalayas & Asia

Your sure footed holiday companion in the world’s most thrilling terrain

Participate in the development and sustainability of Nepal

adj. Himalayan Hi·​ma·​la·​yan
(figuratively) huge, gigantic, enormously large.

noun. Footsteps foot·steps
the route a person takes in order to reach a place.

Our specialist travel company is also a way we try to improve the lives of generations to come in the countries we serve, such as Nepal inflicted by earthquakes and flooding. Simply, we give a portion of our profits to the people on the ground tackling the long-term issues. We have developed schools, bought land, and provided medical care, yet there is more to do and that is why we have a vision to set up the Himalayan Footsteps Charitable Foundation.

Kopan Meditation Retreat

This popular trip is the Kopan Meditation Retreat, so many travellers are enjoying the benefits of meditation with monks in a Himalayan Buddhist monastery, they say it’s “life-changing”, “enlightening”, and “a total surprise”.

This trip is 16 days including privately guided tours of UNESCO heritage sites and 10 days in retreat. You can get all of this from only £655.

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Tailor-made holidays

We offer a wide range of unique, tailor-made holidays and privately guided adventures to inspire and challenge including Trekking, Adventure Holidays, Safaris, Honeymoons, Village Homestays, Tours, Mountain Biking, White Water Rafting, Meditation & Yoga Retreats, Volunteering and more.

All the best ways to explore the great outdoors, people and cultures.

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Beverley Blackham | Shefford, UK

Nepal “Very sad to be leaving Nepal, we have had a wonderful experience on our Everest Base Camp Trek and have witnessed stunning views at every point of our trip except at Nagargot…


Jeanette Fleming | Keighley, UK

Nepal “The whole Cookery Holiday experience and variety of activities were catered for, friendly, with care and consideration.  I loved the cooking course, scenery, sights, history, art, people, food.


Sirin Sevinc | London, UK

Nepal “It was very well organised! everything was on time and the staff was amazing! very helpful and friendly and always kept me company. The thing I liked the most about this trip was, ….


Paul & Sandra Cheney | Cynwyl Elfed, UK

Nepal & Darjeeling “It was fantastic. A trip of  a lifetime to meet wonderful people in a fascinating country. Your staff and their service was first class, your company is…


Holiday types

  • Adventure Holidays (6)

    Himalayan Footsteps® is a dependable adventure travel specialist for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made holidays in fabulous spots in many destinations. You can join in with our friendly expert team to discover your adventure holidays today! You can explore more on your adventure holidays with our range of adventurous activity options, such as cycling tours, trekking tours, mountain biking, climbing a mountain, white water rafting, paragliding, micro lighting, bungy jumping, safari and many others. Fitness is important: Adventure holidays are great for you if you are fit to do it. This type of holiday demands a level of strength and fitness of mind and body. Build up your confidence level: Prepare to build up your confidence, try new activities, meet new people, and visit exotic and adventurous places. Do something worth remembering: The main goal of an adventure holiday is a dream in life to do something different and special that will be memorable throughout their whole life. Helpful for a family holiday: Adventure holidays are very effective for children with their family. Children can explore their knowledge and energy to participate in a variety of adventurous activities to learn new things which are helpful for their education.
  • Culture Holidays (15)

    Himalayan Footsteps® is a reliable holiday specialist for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made tours of attractive places in many destinations. You can join in with our friendly professionals to discover your culture holidays today! Culture holidays are one of the best ways to learn and understand about life in other countries. Lifestyle, history, art, religion, architecture, an event, tradition or what people of other cultures wear, eat, can all be experienced in a culture holiday. By participating in people’s cultural programs and being a part of their lifestyle, you can gain lots of knowledge about it. Helpful for research work: If you participate in a culture holiday tour you can learn practical information, experience, and gain an understanding of different cultures. These experiences can be very helpful for research work. Children learn to accept: Culture holidays are very effective for children with their family. They can learn knowledge and learn to be accepting when they meet with different cultured people.
  • Not Been Before

    Not Been Before (16)

    Himalayan Footsteps® is a reliable and experienced travel company for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made holidays in the top spots in many destinations. You can join in with our professional expert team who are very dedicated to providing a friendly service. With us, you can find something different and new for your next exciting holiday. You may have never been before to our pleasantly faraway destinations, that's why we're here, we'll take the seemingly Himalayan task of long-haul travel and make it easy so that you can experience these enchanting lands. Here are some of Asia’s rarest tourist spots, if you have something specific in mind, you can share your thoughts with us too, be inspired by our holiday types. Tarim Poplar Forest Natural Reserve is situated in Xinjiang, China. The world’s largest inland basin (53 million hectares), Tarim Basin is located here and surrounded by more than 60 species of trees, which give an awesome look when their leaves change colour with the seasons, green, golden, and dark yellow. Southern Inle Lake in Myanmar is a rare tourist spot where you can get an outstanding boat touring experience. You need to find a professional boatman who is willing to take you and can travel as far south as you would like to go! HohXil in Tibet is the world’s third smallest inhabited area. You can explore twenty-one endangered species of wildlife such as antelope, yak, wild donkeys and many amazing views here.
  • Returning Visitor

    Returning Visitor (15)

    Himalayan Footsteps® is a family run travel company for The Himalayas & Asia that delivers tailor-made holidays for returning visitors in the favourite spots and the places calling to be explored in our destinations. You can rejoin with our friendly team to discover your new adventure today! Now it is possible to relive everything again, an awesome sunset view, adventurous mountain activity, meeting new people, experiencing their colourful culture, and those delicious sweet & spicy foods to name but a few sweet memories! You can get suggestions to choose a perfect and suitable travel destination based on your previous experience, and our expert team is here to recommend brand new places too.
  • Single Traveller

    Single Traveller (10)


    Himalayan Footsteps® is a family run travel company for The Himalayas & Asia that delivers tailor-made holidays for solo travel in top spots at many 
    destinations. You can join in with our friendly expert team to explore your adventure today! During a Single Traveller Holiday, you have to be busy with only one person – yourself! It is a great time for adventure and to explore new, unseen things in your world and we can make these holidays notable and extraordinary for you. You can feel safe with us as a single traveller because our expert and trained team members provide extra care and a special plan to make your holiday wonderful. Meet many new people easily and join their group. It is a good opportunity to interact and connect with local people and other travellers. Make your own plan and take decisions quickly without any hassle. This type of holiday can reduce traveller stress.
  • Trekking Holidays (9)

    Himalayan Footsteps® is a reliable trekking and mountaineering specialist for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made trips of fabulous routes and mountain trails in many destinations. You can join in with our friendly experienced team members to discover your trekking holidays today! Trekking holidays can be for only yourself, with a friend, a whole family, or a group. Our philosophy is all about sustainable trekking whether you're on a tented trek, lodge-based trek, or an expedition to summit a peak. Trekking holidays give very fast and noticeable results: Improve the physical and mental condition: Trekking holiday increase the fitness level amazingly. Walking is always beneficial as a physical exercise. You can get surprising results when you feel relaxed and refreshed after trekking. Trekking holidays help to decrease anxiety and depression. Helpful for children’s growth: A trekking holiday is supportive of a child’s growth. Moreover, this holiday builds up friendship and faith with children and family members. Family, friends, or a group: A super trekking holiday means a group holiday! A group trekking holiday can give you a visible magical improvement of your body and mind and your lifestyle.
  • Volunteering Holidays

    Volunteering Holidays (3)

    Himalayan Footsteps® is a reliable travel company for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made volunteer placements and experiences in many destinations. You can join in with our amazingly helpful team to discover your volunteering holidays today! Volunteering holidays are a great opportunity available for people at college or university, families, and people on a career break as well. Volunteering on holiday helps develop new skills, knowledge, and experience about a new place, among new people in a different culture. Some of the benefits of our volunteering holidays are given below: Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience: Volunteering holidays are an amazing opportunity to make it easier for you to choose an accurate, experience-based career. A great social work: Helping others is gratifying social work. People can spend some time helping others as a volunteer during their holidays, focussing their capabilities and also their willingness to work. Meet with new people and their culture: On a volunteer holiday, a person can work with other volunteers like a family member and team member. This is the best time to use the opportunity to meet organisations and community people. As a member, you can always get valuable insight into their culture. A lifetime memory: A volunteering holiday is always a special moment for everyone because people get the freedom to choose the activity, earn great work experience, and make new friends from the volunteering work. It is a phenomenal choice to create something special for a bright future!
  • Youth Group Holidays (2)

    Himalayan Footsteps® is a popular youth group adventure travel specialist for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made trips to educational spots in many destinations. You can join in with our friendly trained team to discover your youth group holidays today! Young people from schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups like Scouts and Church Youth Groups can gain knowledge and confidence trying new things while doing outdoor activities on our youth group holidays. Our team members are experienced to contribute learning activities, charity work, and developmental support. Students learn to work in a team under a leader: This is the best way for them to practice teamwork activities and follow the instructions of a leader. They can learn about personal responsibility, safety and become more aware of the risk. They will be given great support to start a new career in the future. Develop important life skills: School holidays are important to develop life skills of students. They learn to live with discipline, communicate with unknown people, and earn knowledge about different cultures. Increase confidence levels and self-esteem: Students can develop a fresh way of thinking and problem-solving. They build up their confidence levels to move forward in the future and get an idea about their own self-esteem. A life time memorable holiday: Youth group holidays are a great chance to create something special and memorable with activities that you will remember for a lifetime!