Interesting Facts about the Himalayas 1

  • The word ‘Himalaya’ means the home or abode of snow.
  • According to Hindu mythology, God Shiva resides in the Himalaya.
  • There are eight peaks with a total of 19 points above 8000 metres in Nepal.
  • Fourteen mountains in the Himalaya exceed 8000 metres.
  • There are 25 points in all which exceed 8000 metres in the Himalaya.
  • The geological age of the Himalaya is approximately 70 million years.

About the author: Oliver Margry

‘I’m a Himalayan travel specialist, utterly passionate about the region. I’m married to Isha which makes me a Nepali in-law and together we run Himalayan Footsteps.

We spend our time between Nepal and the UK which means I can indulge my love of spicy and unusual food.’ Read more from Olly here.

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