Himalayas on Human Planet

The 5. episode of BBC’s “Human Planet” series features life in mountains. Among other destinations there are two stories from the Himalayas:

Dr. Ruit carries out eye surgery in remote villages in Nepal. The high UV levels in high altitudes lead to many cases of cataracts and blindness amongst the population, with usually no medical assistance available for them.

In a bhuddist community living above 4000 metres bbc shows their traditional funeral. With no wood available for a cremation all that is left for them to do is a sky funeral – the body is given back to nature by feeding it to vultures.

Don’t miss this interesting episode while it is still on bbc iplayer!

About the author: Oliver Margry

‘I’m a Himalayan travel specialist, utterly passionate about the region. I’m married to Isha which makes me a Nepali in-law and together we run Himalayan Footsteps.

We spend our time between Nepal and the UK which means I can indulge my love of spicy and unusual food.’ Read more from Olly here.